In the last few years, shipping container conversions have become extremely popular. They are ideal to use as storage units, shops, ablutions and even offices — they make fantastic building material. But, before you go ahead and convert your container, make sure to avoid these common mistakes.

Ignoring the Planning and Research Phase

By far the most important stage of any shipping container conversion, no matter which type of project, is to determine which materials you will need. Another critical part of the research phase is to find out more about regulation compliance in your area.

Not Buying the Right Type of Container

Your shipping container is the primary structure of your conversion so it is vital to make sure you buy only the best quality and the right type of container. To avoid any further mistakes regarding container types, feel free to reach out to Atlantis Containers for guidance.

Removing Too Much of the Container

Shipping containers are extremely durable. They can handle significant amounts of weight when stacked on top of each other. However, when used for something different than originally designed for, they might not be as robust. To ensure they are structurally stable, they will need to be strengthened and welded properly.

Not Buying from a Reputable Container Supplier

Shipping containers and traditional building materials couldn’t be more different to work with. If you want to ensure high-quality containers, you will need to buy from a reliable contractor.

Shipping container conversions offer an affordable and easy way to increase storage space and office space. It can also be used as ablution blocks or to open up shop. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, your container conversion can only be a success! For more information about shipping container conversions, container rentals and sales, get in touch with the team at Atlantis Containers today!