It can be hard to imagine modern sales offices, functioning ablution blocks or even trendy pop up shops built from old used storage containers. Not only is it possible, but container conversions is also one of the biggest global trends right now. People are building houses, gyms, restaurants and anything imaginable with shipping containers. Why? Because they are mobile, durable, affordable and sustainable.

Are you dreaming of starting a business or owning a home in South Africa? Property prices are ridiculously high, and if you don’t earn a salary in the top range of the middle-class spectrum, your dream will never realise. But don’t be discouraged! You are not alone, which is why container conversions exist in the first place. Investing in a used shipping container or two will allow you to start a business, own a home or both.

How Much Does a Container Cost in South Africa?

Container sales prices vary for each supplier. The question is, do you want to convert the container yourself, or do you want to purchase an already converted one. At Atlantis Containers, we can help you with container sales and container conversions. The price will depend on which option you choose and the functionalities you wish to add. For more information or a free quotation, feel free to get in touch with the team.

Affordable Secondhand Shipping Containers for Sale in South Africa

With the unemployment rate in South Africa soaring above 40%, it is high time that more people start their own business. Whether it is a barbershop, internet cafe, tuckshop or food truck, running a business from the comfort of your new shipping container will keep operating costs low and eliminate rental expenses completely.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Atlantis Containers for high-quality, low-cost container sales in South Africa today!