Toilets aren’t something we like to talk about, but it’s something we as humans can’t do without. Because toilets provide sanitation, we’re able to stay clean and avoid various diseases that could result from disposing of human waste in an unsafe manner. Thus, toilets are essential anywhere people are present.

Providing sanitary ablution facilities to employees and guests can be challenging in areas with low human traffic. Constructing toilets that will be abandoned after only a few days of use would be uneconomical. The solution — mobile ablutions constructed from shipping containers.

Mobile ablutions are in high demand for the mining, building, and construction industry. Below are some reasons why they’re shifting towards shipping container conversions.

Shipping containers are portable, large and can easily be modified and adjusted to create an entire ablution block or changerooms. One shipping container is big enough for an entire construction or mining site and can even be used as permanent units due to its durable construction.

Shipping container ablutions can also be used for trade shows, exhibitions, music festivals, sporting events, beaches, farms and conferences.

Custom Shipping Containers in South Africa

At Atlantis Containers, we can customise and fit your mobile ablution with the following features:

  • Windows/doors
  • Toilets/urinals
  • Washbasins
  • Showers
  • Changerooms
  • Lockers
  • Benches
  • Mirrors
  • Fans
  • Air vents
  • Electrical units

With these portable container ablutions, you can provide remote locations with sanitary facilities on short notice.

Atlantis containers have quickly become an industry leader, and you can expect nothing but the highest quality container conversions. Our ablution containers are available in various shapes and sizes, and we can customise them to suit your unique needs.

Are you looking for an affordable yet hygienic mobile ablution solution? We can help. Get in touch with the team at Atlantis Containers for a free quote today!