Construction companies are at the forefront of using temporary container offices at construction sites. That said, more businesses in South Africa are exploring the idea of container offices, even on a more permanent basis. And it’s clear to see why. Buying a container and converting it into an office is fast. There’s no limit to how you can customise your shipping container office.

Containers converted into offices are an affordable alternative and offer the security and flexibility needed to protect your business. This makes container conversions one of the most attractive options at the moment. Industries that will benefit from container offices are:

Building Construction Industry

As we’ve said before, container offices are ideal for construction sites. They are extremely secure and easy to move around. You can also customise them to include added security features like burglar bars or security gates for optimal protection. Once the construction is completed, you can move the container office to the next site.

Entertainment Industry (Festivals & Concerts)

Events like these typically take place in remote areas. Employees can use an office container for organising and planning purposes. And when the event is over, the container can easily be moved to the next location.

Film Industry (Movie Productions)

Yet, another industry that can use container offices to their advantage. Similar to music festivals, filming typically takes place in remote areas for months on end. Converting containers into offices offers a fast and effective way to create a workspace for admin staff.

At Atlantis Containers, we offer container sales and conversions to all industries. Our conversions aren’t limited to office space either. You can set up shop, add ablutions and customise it in any way you want. For more information about container sales and conversions, get in touch with the team at Atlantis Containers today.