Previously, ship containers were used only for storage and transportation. However, its durable design, affordability and safe construction make it a great alternative to building material, not to mention environmentally friendly. There are many things you can do with shipping containers. In fact, there is no limit when it comes to design. Here are four great container transformation ideas for inspiration. 


If you are looking for a fully equipped and functional ablution block, a simple shipping container transformation will provide you with a great solution. As it is mobile, you can go anywhere there isn’t a sewer or water service. These portable toilets are ideal for large events, parties and remote installations.


You can convert shipping containers into a spaza shop, internet cafe, beauty salon, etc. If it’s safe commercial space you need, containers are perfect and will work great. Its durable construction allows you to replace the entire sidewall with a sliding door to open up the space.

Mobile Offices

Need more office space? No problem. Converting a shipping container is relatively easy, and you can also use cladding and insulation to keep the temperature comfortable. The container can be equipped with doors, windows, plumbing, outlets and lights. These offices are easy to move, quick and affordable to install, and require minimal effort.

Mobile Homes

House prices in South Africa are increasing and people are looking for alternative living arrangements. Shipping containers are currently popular because they provide the opportunity to create large structures by combining multiple containers. An additional bonus is that it’s perfect if you want to reduce your carbon emissions, or if you want to live completely off the grid.

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