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Atlantis Containers has a large availability of containers for purchase or rental. In order to cater for client’s personal needs, i.e. refrigeration units, container gyms, site offices, storage, etc.  Clientele Specific requirements for site projects are designed according to client’s specifications. All prices are comparable with market prices. Atlantis Containers ensures quality service, affordability and reliability at all times.


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Atlantis Containers CC converts 6m & 12m containers into Offices, Gyms, Mobile homes, Canteens, Ablutions and various other conversions according to client specifications. All our conversions are done to the highest standard and units can be inspected prior and during commencement of work. Our containers are delivered via crane truck, which allows for easy offloading and placement of containers.


Atlantis Containers rents out 6m &  12m Storage Containers and various types of offices. A Lease Agreement and credit Application forms need to be completed prior to commencement of lease. On completion of the lease , the containers must be returned in the same condition as delivered. If on inspection by us after re-delivery we find any damages, you will be invoiced accordingly for these damages.



Containers are delivered via crane truck. Trucks need enough space to allow for loading and offloading. Prices quoted exclude any rigging costs. Please enquire prior to delivery.

Atlantis- the name that’s linked to the sea

Atlantis containers source the best quality containers throughout the globe. Shipping containers which consist of Steel is the fundamental design material allowing a free range of expressions to architects and owners – agile yet very solid, extremely formable, fire resilient and secure against break in. Steel is finished off with flashings in a matching material, which may be to modified suit specific artistic requirement.

Steel is the desired choice for professionals on the cutting edge of green building advances. It allows a wide range of resolutions that make buildings more energy proficient, at a reduced cost to build, less wasteful to inhabit and consequently more maintainable.

Steel containers permits for modest assimilation of green technology such as water harvesting and solar panel installations.

Steel is 100% recyclable, and steel production entails less material than most because of its high strength to weight relation, thus saving resources.

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